Small fires still burning in ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ ferry

Small fires were still burning on the vehicle deck of the passenger-car ferry “Eleftherios Venizelos” on Friday, three days after the fire broke out. Meanwhile, a list caused by the water pumped into the ship to put out the fires has improved and is now at two degrees after the water was drained away.

According to the fire brigade, the extent of the fire has been significantly contained and there is much less smoke in the ferry compared with previous days.

The fire broke out in the ferry’s third vehicle deck, possibly due to a short circuit in a truck. It was carrying 80 trucks and 152 smaller vehicles. Even though the ship is docked at Piraeus port, it has not yet been possible to remove all the vehicles, while some have sustained serious damage.

Fire fighters are continuing the effort to fully extinguish the fire, while Maritime Affairs Minister Fotis Kouvelis visited the ship on Thursday for a briefing on the progress of the fire-fighting effort.

According to the ferry owner ANEK lines, reports on the damaged sustained by vehicles are being drawn up by the ship’s or individual vehicle’s insurance firms in order to begin the process of compensation.