Social and labour acquis to be respected in EU

The European Union needs to reaffirm its founding values and on this basis to promote a new vision for the European peoples, government sources said to the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA) ahead of the Summit of Rome to take place next Saturday for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties.

They underlined that the European Union needs to seek its roots in that critical time for the future of the common structure adding that this new vision must focus on a European strategy based on growth and solidarity.

According to the same sources, the Greek government and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will seek to include a paragraph on the European social and employment acquis in the joint declaration.

A government spokesman on Monday proposed to include the phrase “the EU social and labour acquis needs to be made acceptable by all member states.” This is rather important taking into consideration that this issue is the main problem of the current negotiations between Athens and the institutions due to the IMF insistence to doubt the specific acquis.