Socialist & Democrat MEPs urge Eurogroup to conclude 2nd review of Greek programme

The Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament on Thursday issued an announcement urging Eurozone finance ministers to conclude the second review of the Greek bailout programme and “promptly open discussions on debt relief.”

“There is no more time to waste. Today’s Eurogroup meeting should finally conclude the second review of the Greek programme. A quick and positive conclusion of this process should then open a prompt discussion on Greek debt relief and on which measures should be put in place to speed up growth and development,” S&D group president Gianni Pittella was quoted as saying.

“The S&D Group is called upon to denounce the unacceptable requests put forward by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concerning the additional measures the Greek government should take in advance of the 2019 Budget.

“There is an issue of legality and effectiveness. These inappropriate requests could negatively impact Greece’s political stability and damage its economic prospects,” he said.

The head of the EP’s Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left Gabi Zimmer similarly emphasised the need for a good result in Thursday’s Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, in a written statement.

The German MEP noted that Greece’s creditors were asking the Greek people to accept more austerity and sacrifices in order to serve an unsustainable debt. There was an urgent need for a good result that would allow debt relief and give Greece real prospects, she said.