Spirtzis: We can’t build Attica’s fire stricken areas as they were before

Infrastructures and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis in an interview with the Sunday newspaper Documento said that there are solutions for the problems the Attica fire-stricken are facing in the everyday life adding that “the most difficult is all the citizens to understand that we can’t build these areas in the way they were before, without access to the beaches and to public spaces.

Referring to the tolls proportional charge, he said that no motorway will be excluded and clarified that Attiki Odos is not a national road but an urban road and there will be implemented a system in order the driver that uses it for one or two parts (exits) not to be charged as the driver that uses it from the start to the end.

He also said that in 2019, the ministry will be ready to implement the bi-zonal charge in the public transport.