Sports Minister reveals measures to fight abuse in sports, including a Sports Ombudsman

A 13-measure plan to protect athletes from harrassment, violence and abuse of power was presented in Parliament by Deputy Culture and Sports Minister Lefteris Avgenakis on Monday.

The plan, which seeks to address recent revelations by Olympic medallists about sexual and other abuse in the sector, was revealed by the minister during a discussion and after a question by Communist Party MP Manolis Syntychakis on amateur sports associations.

Avgenakis said, inter alia, that the General Secretariat of Sports will set up a help desk for questions and requests by athletes, sports agencies and the public that it will promote to the right channels, and introduce the institution of a Sports Ombudsman, who will be mediating between various sides when complaints are filed.

A collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will help in setting up a phone number to call in cases of abuse, while an ethics code for the profession will be drawn up for sports federations and agencies along the lines of international bodies, he said.

Avgenakis said the majority of the 13 measures would be implemented within 2021.