Stability of external environment very important, says EU Commissioner Avramopoulos

European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos referred to the horizontal nature of the issues of safety and migration upon his arrival to the Justice and Home Affairs Council (JHA) that is held in Brussels.

“We are going to have meetings separately with the Ministers of Defence, Ministers of Interior and Ministers of Development. We understand that a stable external environment is very important in order to better and in a more effective way address migration issues. We are going to elaborate new ideas of how we can work together in this field. With the Ministers of Interior we are going to discuss Dublin and solidarity. And at the end with the Ministers of Development we are going to find ways in order to, through development, to stem irregular migration flows. It will be a marathon Council and I look forward to having fruitful and constructive discussions with all the Ministers” stated Avramopoulos.