Staikouras: Businesses locked down in April to get ‘special-purpose’ compensation

The businesses that continue to be subject to restrictive measures in April will get an increased “special-purpose” compensation ranging between 1,000 and 4,000 euros, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras announced on Monday.

According to the minister, the additional cost is expected to reach 130 million euros and payment will be made in May, once disbursement of round 7 of the repayable advance have been completed.

The measure will benefit roughly 100,000 businesses and self-employed workers, of which 10,800 are retailers operating in Thessaloniki, Achaia and Kozani, for whom restrictive measures have been extended. The others are in sectors such as tourism, sports and fitness, culture, transport and others whose activities are suspended by the state.

Businesses qualifying for the higher special purpose compensation are those employing up to 50 employees whose activities or the greater part of whose turnover are derived from suspended in April.

The sum of 1,000 euros will be given to those with 0-5 employees, 2,000 euros for those with 6-20 employees, and 4,000 for those with 21-50 employees.

For businesses whose activities are suspended for less than 15 days, the compensation will be halved relative to the above-mentioned amounts.