Staikouras: Greece has reversed the climate, regained its partners confidence

The government’s intention is to hand out a Christmas “bonus” from the excess primary surplus every December, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras revealed in an interview with the Sunday edition of the “Ethnos” newspaper.

The minister also revealed plans to change income and property tax, overhaul vehicle tax based on emissions, give incentives for construction, change nominal tax values for real estate, reduce social insurance contributions for full-time staff and pay a front-loaded heating subsidy for poorer households.

He said the new government has already succeeded in reversing the climate of previous years and regaining the confidence of Greece’s partners, adding that there was now greater willingness to listen to Greek positions in the Eurogroup.

The partners, having understood their own mistakes and wrong assessments in the past, were now inclined to assist in efforts to put the Greek economy back together, he added.

Staikouras predicted that the Eurogroup on December 4 will bring good news concerning ANFAs and SMPs in 2020, stressing that the goal was for Greece to return to investment grade as soon as possible.