Stampoulidis: A third strict lockdown will be catastrophic for everyone

“A third strict lockdown will be catastrophic for everyone,” the general secretary of Commerce Panagiotis Stampoulidis said on Sunday in an interview with Skai TV, commenting on the queues and the crowding that was observed on Saturday in the main commercial streets of Athens and Thessaloniki.

“Everyone must show self-discipline, and respect themselves. Sending repeated SMS, he is not making fun of the state, he is making fun of himself,” stressed Stampoulidis.

He stated that the stores will also be open next Sunday, while he noted that there is a dynamic in the market and that the increase in sales, mainly in shoes and clothes, exceeds 30 pct.

The companies have opened but they can also make use of the support measures, including the repayable advance and the suspensions, he clarified.

It is reminded that retail and supermarkets can be open today until 8 pm.