Stano: Turkey must behave constructively toward the EU member-states

European Commission spokesperson on EU external affairs, Peter Stano, on Tuesday underlined that Turkey must behave constructively toward EU member-states, and said the EU has repeatedly shown solidarity with Greece and Cyprus, when asked to comment on the resumption of exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey.

“While this is a bilateral issue, we have been discussing already how important it is for Turkey to behave constructively toward the EU member-states, because the EU has on numerous occasions stressed its solidarity with Greece, with Cyprus, and it has stressed also the need to solve all the bilateral issues,” Stano said, while noting that “the EU is ready to do whatever is needed for our member-states if they ask us to support them in any other way.”

He added that “if Greece decides that they need EU support in these bilateral talks with Turkey, I think the Greek partners know what to do in order to get such support. I can only recall how strong and how clear the EU was in expressing solidarity with Greece… So its good if the announcement and the intentions are finally translated into concrete actions and negotiations”.