State admin inspector wants dismissal of former Izmir consul from diplomatic corps

The public administration inspector general petitioned the Council of State for a stricter ruling on a former consul of Izmir, including his dismissal from the diplomatic corps, for several missteps including financial irregularities.

Maria Papaspyrou said the disciplinary body of the Foreign Ministry had found the diplomat guilty of breach of trust, inappropriate behaviour for a state representative, and financial irregularities, among others.

When the former consul was transferred back to Greece and turned the consulate ledgers over, the ministry found a deficit of 151,000 Turkish liras (approx. 21,846 euros in current prices) that he should have covered. The diplomat paid off a part of it and left 34,456 liras outstanding (approx. 5,000 euros).

An audit of the consulate books also turned up bad fiscal management during his time of service in Izmir and lack of following proper procedures.

The man was demoted two grades, but Papaspyrou is calling for his dismissal from the diplomatic corps or any other tougher punishment the judges of Greece’s highest administrative court rule.