State Minister Flambouraris: The draft bill on social security will secure the main pensions

The draft bill on social security which will be tabled in the following days will secure the main pensions, and the government is working to keep cuts in subsidiary pensions to 15-20 pct, State Minister for Coordinating Government Operations Alekos Flambouraris told a private TV station on Sunday.

Speaking about the bill on Skai TV, the minister said he is certain it will be approved by all 153 MPs of the government coalition and noted that the solution for the ailing social security system is increasing revenues, not making cuts.

Asked about the possibility of forming alliances with other parties following an interview on Avghi newspaper where he made favourable comments about Vasilis Leventis, the leader of the Centrists’ Union, Flambouraris said the government “seeks dialogue as it does with society and is not trying to win any MPs”.

He did, however, hail Leventis’ stance through the years, saying that he “has been defending the interests of the economically weak for 30-35 years and he finally made it in parliament”.

Commenting on his wealth statement, the minister said he has submitted a second statement and that the relevant committee will convene to make its own decisions. “There’s an effort, through evidence that have nothing to do with reality, to undermine myself, Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA,” he said.