State Minister Pappas: Τhere is a result and we will move forward based on this

“There is a result and we will move forward based on this,” State Minister Nikos Pappas said early on Thursday in statements to public broadcaster ERT after the announcement of the State Council’s decision on TV licences.

The Minister of State said that it was a “crystal clear” tender with totally strict criteria and stressed that “the Justice’s decisions are binding for governments too, but are subject to criticism.”

“The government will not step back,” Pappas stated, adding that it is determined put an end to the lawlessness of the television landscape. Anyone who believes that the closed club of TV channels’ owners will remain unchanged makes a huge mistake, he noted.

“The Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) will carry out the tender and we hope it will do so immediately,” Pappas underlined.