State Minister Pappas: Possible negative decision by Council of State will be bad for democracy

A possible negative decision by the Council of State on the government’s TV licensing law will be a bad development for the operation of democracy, State Minister Nikos Pappas said on Friday, speaking to radio station Real FM.
He said the State will have to return the money it took from the businessmen who have submitted the first tranche of the licensing bid, instead of using it to support weaker households.

“If the law on TV licenses is found unconstitutional it will not be a pleasant development, not for the government, but for the operation of democracy.” Pappas told the radio station.

“It will force the State to return money. It will be a bad decision for public finances which will return money to people who have a great financial standing and take it from government actions that were targeting people with a very low financial ability. This will be an ethical injustice,” he added.