State Minister Pappas: The government will respect the Constitution and the court decisions

Speaking about the TV licences to ANA’ radio station Praktorio 104.9 FM, State Minister Nikos Pappas on Tuesday said: “We are expecting the decisions. Meanwhile, we are proceeding as we have planned. The tender has been completed, and it has brought to the state revenues higher than expected. These revenues have already been channeled to actions that will improve our lives. In any case we all know that the decisions of the courts need to be respected and I think we have operated under the provisions of the Constitution and the previous decisions of the State Council, and these problems we were called to solve.”

Asked whether judges can impose a decision on the government, he replied: “The government will respect the Constitution and the court decisions. What cannot be done is to have the provisions written in the courts. Courts can neither write the provisions nor draft laws. The parliament drafts the laws. Courts judge, they do not legislate. Anyone who might have such ideas should get rid of them. The tender on TV licences was necessary to put in order the TV landscape.”