State Minister Pappas welcomes ND’s initiative to propose a candidate for the new board of the NCRTV

State Minister Nikos Pappas welcomed New Democracy’s initiative to propose a candidate for the new board of the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV), the country’s TV regulator, saying it shows there’s room for consensus.

“We are on a path of convergence in setting up the NCRTV and that is very positive for the issue and for the country’s political life,” Pappas said during an interview with channel “E”.

“ND’s proposal sends a message to other political forces that there’s real room for convergence,” he said, without commenting on ND’s candidate. “I welcome ND’s position to propose a person as president of NCRTV, there’s room for ND to move from ‘present’ to ‘Yes,” he added, referring to the vote that took place on Monday night in parliament where the main opposition voted “present”, thus blocking the election of the previous candidates.

Pappas insisted on keeping just four nationwide broadcasters but added that because there is a tendency towards a consensus, “if the number of the channels is crucial for the opposition, we can examine a regulation which would require the NCRTV to agree on their number.”