State Minister Tzanakopoulos on the paradox in Greece’s political life

State minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos explained on Monday the paradox that prevails in the Greek political life speaking to SKAI TV.

“A compromise exists this period in Greece’s political life that has led to a series of oddities, one of which is PASOK and New Democracy’s strategic alignment”.

Asked if it is politically odd SYRIZA’s cooperation with Independent Greeks (ANEL) he said “that the memoranda have created strange cooperations that exceeded the traditionally dividing line between the Left and the Right”. He noted however that the “meaning of the alignment with ANEL has to do with two things. The position on the memorandum and the position against corruption imposed by the two-party system that skyrocketed in the period 2012-2014” said Tzanakopoulos.

“I believe that the condition for cooperation with ANEL were formed and it is right and it is good it still continues to exist”. He explained that “when we return to normality the political system will start to be rearranged. In this context Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made a specific political estimate that we should start to discuss on the progressive governance in the post memorandum era”.

Referring to PASOK and its leader Fofi Gennimata, Tzanakopoulos said that Gennimata is being politically trapped for reasons that has to do with PASOK’s political staff and the fact that she does not want to make self criticism on her alignment with New Democracy and because she does not understand that there changes in the positions of the European social-democracy. For the current moment she is are far away from the policies that have started to be implemented by teh European social-democracy.