Stathakis: Eldorado Gold must ‘stick to investment plans’

Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis urged the Canadian mining firm Eldorado Gold to stick to its investment plans and the specific standards set out in the contract for its Greek investments, in an interview published by the newspaper “Documento” on Sunday.

“The specific investment must meet very high environmental standards, which means that every individual activity is subject to constant environmental licencing and monitoring and, at the same time, it must satisfy its key state, which is vertical integration,” the minister said.

He also noted a stabilisation in Greece’s economy, and that the conditions now existed for the econmy to show “strong signs of recovery,” adding that it would be “difficult to impossible” for the institutions to make additional demands during the third review, given the Greek government’s performance.

On Greece’s return to the markets, he said a “clean exit” in August 2018 would be ideal, while adding that “the existence of a credit line would not, I think, be a problem.”