Stathakis: Energy efficiency to be the focus for Greece over the coming decade

Energy conservation and efficiency will be the next priority in the government’s energy planning and the focus of the changes in the coming decade, Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis said in an interview with the ‘Efimerida ton Syntakton’ newspaper on Sunday. According to the minister, energy savings will be treated as a “fuel” equivalent to renewable energy sources and form part of the effort to tackle climate change.

He said the goals set by the EU for 2030 included a 30 pct reduction in energy use and the increase in the share to RES to 50 pct. Noting that Greece had done very little to conserve energy so far, Stathakis stressed that the cleanest form of energy was the “non-use of energy” and that buildings currently accounted for 40 pct of energy use.

In order to meet National Energy Planning targets, in the coming years Greece must achieve growth without increasing its energy consumption in order to meet its environmental obligations within the EU. A consultation seminar on how this might be achieved will be held at the environment and energy ministry on Monday to discuss this, with Stathakis and Alternate Environment Minister Sokratis Famellos attending.

They will discuss a report b y the National Committee on Energy and Climate, which showed that Greece’s energy consumption fell 21.3 pct in 2005-2015, mainly due to the economic crisis.