Stavros Dimas candidate for President of Hellenic Republic

Former EU Commissioner and former minister Stavros Dimas will be candidate for President of Hellenic Republic in all three votes, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras announced on Tuesday.

With the election of the President of the Republic, the situation will have cleared out and the country will enter the post-memorandum era, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said. In his message, Samaras explained the decision to speed up the process for the election of President as well as to appoint Dimas as candidate “The election of the President of the Republic has lately become a pretext for early elections blackmail. Therefore, while we were financially stable and we finally started to recover, clouds of political instability once again appeared in Greece along with political uncertainty for Greece abroad. The government, as it ought to do, decided to remove this uncertainty and fully restore political stability, speeding up the election of the President of the Republic”.

Besides, the Eurogroup’s decision on Monday to approve Greece’s credit line and give a technical extension of two months for the conclusion of the new agreement shows that Europe is now realizing that Greece will get to the next day. And this is very positive for the country …

Therefore, with the election of the President by the Greek Parliament by the end of the month, the clouds will have gone away and the country will be ready to officially enter the post-memorandum era.

Together with the Government Vice President, we chose the best candidate for the Presidency of the Republic: Stavros Dimas, a former minister and MP, EU Commissioner, who has been honored with special distinctions, especially in the field of Environmental Protection, a man appreciated by the Greek society and respected by the international community and who obviously will be a candidate in the three presidential votes, if needed.

Stavros Dimas is admittedly a person that unites, but also inspires. He unites citizens beyond partisan preferences and inspires seriousness, trust and respect. With the election of the new President, Greece – perfectly stable both economically and politically – will be in all respects ready to proceed to the next day of calmness, stability and development.”

Stavros Dimas was born in 1941 in Corinth. He studied law at the Athens University and political and economic science in London and New York. He has worked at a Wall Street firm and as a World Bank executive. In 1975, he was appointed deputy governor of the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank. He was also member of the negotiating committee for the accession of Greece to the European Economic Community (EEC). He was first elected deputy to the Greek Parliament under the New Democracy party in 1977. He served as New Democracy’s parliamentary spokesman between 1985 and 1989.

Between 1989 and 1991, he served as Agriculture and then as Industry, Energy and Technology minister. In January 1995, he was appointed secretary general of New Democracy’s parliamentary group.

In March 2004, he was appointed European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, taking over the role from the previous Greek Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou, while in November 2004 he assumed the environment portfolio.

In July 2010, he was appointed New Democracy vice president for the sector of Economy, Development and Competitiveness, Shipping, Energy, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport, Health, Social Policy and Government Programme. In November 2011, he was sworn in as Foreign Minister in Lucas Papademos’ interim coalition government.

He is married and has three children.