Stoltenberg on deconfliction mechanism between Greece and Turkey

The NATO Foreign Ministers meeting, held online over Tuesday and Wednesday, addressed among other issues the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in statements following the opening day.

“Working together here at NATO, we recently developed a military deconfliction mechanism between Greece and Turkey, a hotline between the two Allies, and the cancellation of specific military exercises,” he said, following the meeting that was attended on Greece’s side by Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias.

The alliance head added, “I am committed to strengthening this mechanism further, to build more comprehensive confidence-building measures.”

The meeting focused on the NATO 2030 project, xamining the role of the alliance in the future in the context of rising tension and conflict. Stoltenberg said that in 2019 he had appointed an experts group to draft a report, which was presented at the meeting on Tuesday.

“Their report shows that NATO is agile,” Stoltenberg said, and “recognises that in recent years we have been able to adapt, both militarily and politically.”