Strikes and protests on Monday against omnibus bill to be voted on at midnight

Greece’s parliament is due to hold a vote at midnight on Monday on the mammoth draft omnibus bill legislating for the prior actions required to conclude the third programme review. Social benefits and a new rule for strikes will dominate the debate in parliament.

Meanwhile, all public transport in Athens is on strike in protest against the bill while rallies have been scheduled in the city centre. Members of trade unions in the Athens Metro, the urban rail (ISAP), trams, buses and trolleybuses are protesting against a new provision in the bill calling for a minimum 50 pct majority vote (50+1) in order to call a strike, as opposed to the current 20 pct. The unions appealed to the public to support them “against the government’s antipopular policy”.

Measures restricting the circulation of vehicles in the centre of Athens will be suspended due to strikes affecting all types of public transport on that day, police announced. In addition, all vehicles will be allowed free access to bus lanes.

Traffic in Athens’ city centre on weekdays is normally restricted to cars with either odd or even number plates, depending on the date, which are allowed access to the inner zone or ‘daktylios’ on alternate days. The measure is designed to reduce the air pollution burden in the city.

Air traffic controllers will hold a three-hour work stoppage on Monday, resulting in the cancellation of all flights to and from Athens between 12:00 noon and 15:00. In addition, Aegean Air and Olympic Air will change flight departures.

Passengers should check out the sites (for Aegean Air) and (for Olympic Air). Information will also be provided by calling the following phone lines:

For Aegean Air, 801 112000 (from a landline), 210 6261000 (from a cellphone).

For Olympic Air, 801 801 0101 (from a landline), 210 3550500 (from a cellphone).

All Hellenic Railways (TrainOSE) and suburban rail (proastiakos) will operate as usual.