Strong German interest for Greek investments, German State Secretary Fuchtel says

There is keen interest among German firms for expanding investment to the Greek banking and waste management sectors, German Parliamentary State Secretary and Commissioner for the German-Greek Assembly Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said on Wednesday.

“We have been active in Greece for some time, especially in the tourism, energy and agriculture sectors. We are willing to explore several more areas where we have knowhow and experience, such as in the waste sector and the banking sector,” he said.

Fuchtel, who is currently on an official visit to Greece at the head of a large delegation of German business people and officials, was speaking during a meeting with Greek General Secretary for Strategic and Private Investments Lois Lambrianidis.

Lambrianidis briefed the German official on the incentives provided to investors under Greece’s new developmental law, on legislation for strategic investments and on transfer pricing centres.

Fuchtel emphasised the role of local government in the country’s efforts to restore growth, noting that several local government officials were members of the Greek-German Assembly, where they were able to identify and act upon investor interest early, cooperating to bring about investments.

He also stressed the importance of improving technical and professional training in Greece in order to attract foreign investments.

Lambrianidis said the meeting had revealed serious interest on the German side for Greek investments, expressing confidence that this will soon be translated into significant actions that will have a positive impact on the Greek economy.

German businesses are planning important investments in Greece, such as the creation of a logistics center in Alexandroupolis and investments in tourism, which could create up to 50,000 new jobs, especially for younger Greeks, Fuchtel, said during a meeting with the head of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Konstadinos Michalos.

Fuchtel said that local chambers will play an important role in the cooperation between Greek and German businesses on a local level, because they know best about the possibilities and opportunities in their region. He also noted the importance of internship programs implemented by the chambers.

Michalos spoke to Fuchtel about the improvement of the Greece’s economy and invited German businesspeople to invest in Greece, noting the chambers will be their allies in this effort.