Sunday opening had zero impact on shops’ overall turnover, retailers report

Three in every four merchants express disappointment with their turnover on Sunday, May 5 (when shops stayed open) in a survey conducted by the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE).

The survey was conducted over the phone, using a structured questionnaire, on a sample of 250 high street enterprises in cities throughout Greece.

The results of the survey showed that the majority of the enterprises (75 percent) were “not at all satisfied” with Sunday’s turnover, while only 7 percent said it was “quite satisfied” and 1 percent “very satisfied”.

In comparison with turnover on an ordinary day, the vast majority (84 pct) of those asked said that their turnover on Sunday was lower and only 2 percent said it was higher.

Finally, 67 percent of tradesmen said that the opening of shops on Sunday has not contributed at all to the increase of customers visiting their shops.