Support measures for students and teachers in fire-stricken areas

Relief measures for fire-afflicted members in the education community were announced by Education Minister Niki Kerameus at Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Miitsotakis.

A 200-euro voucher will be issued to teachers and students at all school grades and universities in these areas to buy digital equipment. Information and registration is ailable online at

Special telephone lines will also be set up to offer psychological support and advice to students and teachers at all school grades.
Additionally, 3.4 million euros from the European Union’s European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF) will be allocated to programs in schools on natural disaster understanding and prevention.

University students in fire-stricken areas will also be prioritised in applications to university halls of residence, and given the opportunity to transfer to other institutions if they fulfil the academic requirements.