Supreme Court acquits Olympiacos owner Marinakis of football-related charges

The criminal section of Greece’s supreme court Areios Pagos on Monday ratified the final acquittal of Olympiacos Piraeus owner Vangelis Marinakis on three charges linked to a football-related case.

The court also partially reversed as insufficiently explained an order of the Athens appeals court justices’ council, relating to bribery in sports that tampers with the result of matches and charges of forming a criminal gang. Consequently, there has to be a new judgement on whether Marinakis will be indicted for the only criminal offence that remains to be investigated.

The court on Monday rejected arguments calling for the reversal of his acquittal by an appeals court on charges of forming a criminal organisation, extortion and fraud, in a petition filed by the supreme court prosecutor. The petition argued that Marinakis should also have faced criminal-level charges for the same offences.