Supreme Court President: Those seeking to protect Justice must leave it outside of political aims

Supreme Court President Maria Georgiou on Wednesday issued a statement criticising those making “disparaging” allusions to the work of justice and referred to individuals attempting to “instrumentalise justice” in this way.

The foremost judicial official explained that “the disparaging references to the work of Justice lead to its instrumentalisation.”

“The references to the conditions in which justice is delivered in our country, with judgements that are disparaging and even take the form of dogmatism, with clear allusions regarding its independence, attempt to achieve exactly what they denounce: That is, to instrumentalise Justice, either to in order to demoralise judicial officials and reduce the citizens’ trust in justice, or to bias the judgement of judges, which is and will remain independent. Those who really want to protect Justice have no choice but to leave it, conclusively, outside of political confrontations and aims,” said Georgiou.