Supreme Court prosecutor to consider contesting Patelis’ parole

Supreme Court Prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas on Tuesday asked for a copy of the ruling by an Athens appellate paroles court, which on Monday decided on the release of far-right Golden Dawn party official Georgios Patelis on parole after he had served just one year of a 10-year sentence imposed last year.

The prosecutor will examine the decision in order to determine whether to file for the reversal of the decision to release Patelis, who was head of the ultranationalist party’s Nikea cell and responsible for sending a group of party thugs to attack Fyssas on the night he was killed in September 2013.

He was sentenced to serve 10 years and two months in prison by an Athens court in October 2020. The parole board decided in favour of his release due to health problems faced by his child, finding by majority vote that he met the requirements for a suspension of his sentence until his case is tried before a higher court. Patelis was released with the sole condition that he report to a police station at regular intervals and does not leave the country.