Survey: Greeks show increased confidence in private insurance

“Greeks have gradually begun to show more confidence in insurance companies,” Dimitris Mazarakis, president of the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies (EAEE) said on Friday.

Presenting a poll, conducted by MRB on the ocassion of the Insurance Day, Dimitris Mavros, MRB’s CEO, said around 70 pct of Greeks have a positive view of private insurance, although at the same time it considered as a “necessary evil”. He added that the intention to purchase an insurance programme was still low and noted that citizens were seeing the crisis as a new normality and have great problems in covering their expenses. However, they expect to keep their jobs and incomes, and are not afraid of unemployment.

The survey showed that 86 pct of citizens believed that Greek pension funds were not secure, 78 pct said pension funds’ finances will deteriorate further, 84 pct feared that pension funds would not be in a position to pay adequate pensions in the future and 89 pct said they expected a cut in state pensions.

Seven out of 10 respondents in the survey acknoweldged the need to secure better health services through private insurance and 62 pct said they were not satisfied with state health services.

“Citizens worry that conditions will deteriorate in the future and they will not be able to meet their fundamental obligations. They acknowledge that private insurance could be a reliable supplementary solution and they have confidence in us more and more over health services and pensions. We have the responsibility to do everything in our power to help citizens regain their dignity,” Mazarakis said.