Survey: Greeks reject bailout policies implemented since 2010 to address the debt crisis

According to an opinion poll published on Sunday, most Greek respondents in the survey reject the bailout policies implemented since 2010 to address the debt crisis.

The survey was carried out by Kappa Research polling firm for Sunday’s Vima (Tribune) newspaper. Six out of ten respondents said that they still believe that an alternative solution to the harsh bailout program is feasible.

About 58 percent of participants in the survey said that they feel that none of the existing political parties represent them, therefore they are thinking about abstaining from the next national polls.

Although the part of Greeks who have decided to not vote in the next elections currently stands at about 29.5 percent, pollsters expected that the participation rate may drop below 50 percent whenever the ballots will take place.

In 2004, 76.5 percent of Greek voters cast their ballots in the elections. Gradually during the years of the debt crisis, the percent was steadily in decline.

In the double elections of May and June 2012, 65.1 and 62.5 percent of voters participated in the polls. In the September 2015 elections, the rate dropped to 56.2 percent.

When asked regarding their trust to institutions, 53.5 percent of respondents had a positive view of the military, 43.5 percent of police and 36 percent of the justice system.

Greeks’ trust to institutions has also steadily faded since 2004, according to Kappa Research. Only trust to the private sector enterprises has increased from 28.5 percent in 2004 to 47 percent nowadays.

In addition, 29.5 percent of participants in the opinion poll also expressed worries regarding the instability in neighboring countries and the wider region.

A total of 800 Greeks nationwide took part in the survey which was conducted in the period of October 25-26.

Source: Xinhua