SYRIZA: A government of ‘ludicrous salesmen for private interests’

In strong criticism of recent statements made by ministers and ruling New Democracy MPs, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance on Thursday issued an announcement denouncing them as “a government of ludicrous salesmen for private interests”.

The main opposition party was responding to a statement by ND MP Konstantinos Maravegias, who said that Covid-19 tests were not being prescribed in Greece because “there isn’t the right culture”.

“After the tele-minister of development Adonis Georgiadis who said that PCR tests in Cyprus are cheaper because they have lower reliability, in an effort to justify the high cost and the failure to prescribe them in Greece, ND MP Konstantinos Maravegias stepped in to take it to the max.

“He said in a television interview on Kontra last night that the government is not prescribing the tests because that would lead to overprescribing. When asked why PCR tests were prescribed in other countries without that danger, he said that Greece does not have the right culture!

“Things are very simple. These people are salesmen for private interests in conditions of a healthcare tragedy. And in their effort to protect these interests by hook or by crook, they do not hesitate to lower themselves to the lowest rung of ridiculousness and self-humiliation.”