SYRIZA accuses PM of trying to ‘cover up the Lignadis case’

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is “personally heavily exposed by the effort to cover up the [Dimitris] Lignadis case,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance said in a statement on Sunday, referring to the arrest of the former director of the National Theater and actor over molestation allegations.

Syriza continued its criticism by saying “it matters little any more if he forces his minister to quit; after all, [Culture Minister Lina] Mendoni did what she did under his direction.”

Among the acts the main opposition criticized the minister for it named “the cancellation at his orders of a competition, in order to assign the directorship of the National Theater to Mr. Lignadis; it was at his order that she issued a statement to deny the ‘rumors’, as she called them; it was at his orders that she pretended she didn’t see the accusation by Nikos S. on February 6, and that she didn’t hear all these days the outcry of people in the arts; and, finally, it was at his direction that she did an about-face only when they found out that there is a charge filed by a victim for a felony not falling under a statute of limitations.”

The party drew a comparison with former political planning secretary for ruling New Democracy Nikos Georgiadis and said, “at least we hope that we don’t see him [the PM] order ND deputies to support the defendant.”