SYRIZA and ND add grist to the mill of fascism, KKE’s Koutsoumbas says

“The Communist Party and its youth are struggling every day against fascism by actions not by words” Communist Party of Greece (KKE) secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas stated on Saturday.

“However, those who are backing all these groups in the students movement in order to fish in the muddy waters of fascism bear huge responsibilities as well as those forces that maximise the issue of the action of those groups in students only to set up the new phony bipartisan quarrel” he said at an event on Saturday for the 76th anniversary from the blast of Gorgopotamos bridge during WWII by the Greek partisans.

“SYRIZA and ND (New Democracy) are both responsible. They add grist to the mill of fascism to the mill of reaction” said Koutsoumbas.