SYRIZA: Citizens turning their backs on PM Mitsotakis, regardless of public addresses

The main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday of sustaining “the greatest and most unsuccessful lockdown in Europe,” for which “citizens are turning their backs to him.”

Responding after a live address in the afternoon in which the premier announced that no change in travel restrictions over Greek Easter, ahead of opening outdoor dining and the country to tourism in May, Syriza said Mitsotakis provided conflicting information and self-contradictions.

Every two weeks, it said, “he tries to cover his incompetence and decisions taken without consulting scientists with live public messages and short-term planning without any logic.”

“Up to yesterday he made fun of Syriza’s proposal to allow outdoor seating at food places, in order to prevent outdoor crowding,” while “today he suddenly does what is self-evident, what Syriza and scientists have been asking for days, without however explaining why it is not applied directly instead of Easter Monday” (May 3). This, the party said, “leaves another 10 days for crowding at city squares.”

In addition, the main opposition said, the PM also rejected Syriza’s proposal for mass vaccination of younger workers (e.g. couriers, food and tourism employees), saying vaccines were not enough. “Today, and while our country lies below the EU average for vaccination rates, he announces the opening of appointments for people 30 years on” as of next week.

“Mr. Mitsotakis is trying in vain to convince (the public) he listens to specialists’ opinions,” it added but “whatever public announcements he makes, citizens are turning their backs on him,” Syriza said.