SYRIZA confirms support for Pavlopoulos’ second term as President

The committee to restructure SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance that met on Monday under the chairmanship of party leader Alexis Tripras raised the importance of social issues on its agenda, giving particular prominence to labor issues, party sources said.

Issues discussed included Greek-Turkish relations, the draft electoral law and the nomination for president of the Republic once the current term expires. There were no changes in party policies, sources said, and criticism was levelled at the government over some of these issues. The sources confirmed SYRIZA’s support for a second term of President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, and criticized the government’s attempt to change the current electoral law again.

The main opposition party’s leader accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of being “stuck in his choices and contradictions” and called on him to “stop undermining the institution of the president of the Republic and explain why he doesn’t propose the renewal of Pavlopoulos’ successful term.”
Tsipras also said that “during times that call for national cooperation, Mr. Mitsotakis chooses to undermine this by his two top choices,” deciding not to renew Pavlopoulos’ term and abolishing the simple representational electoral system, “the fairest electoral system that obligates political parties to come to collaborate and present joint policies.”