SYRIZA: Continental shelf the only difference Greece has with Turkey

Talks with Turkey must be restricted to the delineation of the continental shelf, the only difference with its neighbor that Greece recognizes, SYRIZA said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Turkey’s announcement that it is suspending its illegal research within the Greek continental shelf until talks begin is the good news – a positive step for a de-scalation in the Aegean and the East Mediterranean, even if a temporary one,” the main opposition party said.

However, it added, the references by Turkish officials to the agenda of such talks “is the bad news, since these statements indicate two things: that Turkey is trying to add to the negotiation table non-existent differences, and that it is indirectly inviting us to joint research in regions of the Greek continental shelf that it disputes. This creates serious concern.”

Syriza also reiterated that “our differences with Turkey, which we ought to resolve through talks based on international law, consists of a single thing, and it relates to the delineation of the continental shelf, whose borders coincide with those of the exclusive economic zone.”