SYRIZA: Dozens of patients on ventilators outside ICUs

The main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party strongly criticised Health Minister Thanos Plevris for his statements on Thursday attacking SYRIZA-PA and its leader Alexis Tsipras, saying:

“As health minister facing 100 dead each day, with Greece for months now a champion in deaths per one million population in all of western Europe, with dozens of patients on ventilators outside ICUs and with the national health system and healthcare staff collapsing, it appears he has no other concerns apart from attacking SYRIZA and its president.”

If the reflexes of both Plevris and the government spokesperson Yiannis Economou were a fraction as fast when dealing with the tragic state of the national health system as they were when replying to Tsipras, the announcement added, “perhaps the situation would not be quite so bad.”

According to the party, Tsipras had once again asked for self-evident measures to avert hundreds of deaths to come and yet another disastrous lockdown “but the unprecedented incompetence of [Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis] and his ministers will, inevitably, lead us to both.”
It also pointed out to Plevris that the mythical seeress Cassandra that he had cited in his statements “was unfortunately proved right”.