SYRIZA: Foreign policy issues are not a subject suitable to triumphs

Main opposition party SYRIZA on Saturday criticized the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis over what it called “a climate of triumph over the decisions of the European Council on Turkey,” and posed the question of “why did PM Mitsotakis not mention the EU’s sanctions against Turkey, but says he will put forth the issue of the EastMed pipeline when he visits the US (in January)?”

The party argued that “this triumphant atmosphere is far from reality,” and added that “foreign policy issues are not a subject suitable to triumphs, especially when projected triumphs are not real.”

“Despite the fact that the support provided by our (EU) partners is undoubtedly positive, the key issue of sanctions does not exist in the text of the (EU Council’s) decision,” SYRIZA observed, “bearing in mind that these were demanded by both the European Left and the European Socialists.”

The announcement concludes that “instead of celebrations, Mr. Mitsotakis has to take initiatives and raise the issue of sanctions.”