SYRIZA: ‘Government’s handling of critical national issues fraught with danger’

SYRIZA on Saturday aired its persuasion that the government must clarify if Greek military forces retreated away from Greek territory as Turkish forces moved onto it, the party said in a Saturday statement.

The main opposition party was referring to reports that Turkish military and security forces occupied a plot of Greek territory near the town of Feres, at the Evros Greek-Turkish border in the last few days.
‘If this actually did happen,’ stressed Syriza, ‘then it constitutes an unprecedented action that requires an explanation by the Prime Minister himself.’

The party underlined that the Foreign Ministry’s claim that these reports are ‘fake news’ disseminated by Syriza, ‘backfired when the minister himself sent Turkey a diplomatic demarche against its soldiers performing land measurements on Greek territory.’

‘The minister would not have proceeded with an official complaint had the news been fake,’ the party observed.

Syriza also pointed up that what is important in this case is not ‘how many steps or yards one retreats,’ but that the government does not ‘have a strategy against Turkish claims.’

Therefore, the party assumed, ‘this government’s handling of critical national issues is dangerous, to say the least.’