SYRIZA: Gov’t can no longer play games with the pandemic

“The government can no longer play political games with the pandemic or hide,” underlined main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in an announcement on Monday.

“The revelations about parallel platforms for recording coronavirus cases and the deficient information supplied to the committee’s members on the real epidemiological data and the number of daily tests, must not remain unanswered, especially when members of the committee of scientists publicly admit the insufficiency of the information and lack of transparency,” it added.

“At a time when the national health system has been abandoned to its fate and is collapsing and every day there are three-digit numbers of victims from COVID-19, the least [Prime Minister Kyriakos] Mitsotakis could do is to immediately make public all the minutes of the committee. Anything else amounts to a confession of guilt,” concluded the main opposition party.