SYRIZA: Gov’t lacks legitimacy to sign new agreement with Greece’s creditors

The government lacks the legitimacy to sign a new agreement with Greece’s creditors, main opposition SYRIZA spokesman Panos Skourletis said on Wednesday, during the first of the unofficial press briefings that the main opposition party plans to establish. He underlined that SYRIZA will not recognise the outcome of any such agreement.

Referring to SYRIZA’s proposal for a meeting of the political party leaders’ council in order to decide on a date for general elections before the election of Greece’s new president, combined with an agreement on the candidate to be elected, Skourletis said that this “takes into account the needs of the country and the conjuncture”.

He stressed that SYRIZA was committed to this approach concerning the election of a new president and criticised Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for refusing a consensus on the president to be elected by the next Parliament, even while insisting on the need for consensus.

“Mr. Samaras has shown that he cannot take even a minimum of communication, that any sort of communication is detestable to him, even in Parliament, with the leader of the main opposition and he refuses even the institutionally mandated contact with him,” the spokesman said.