SYRIZA: Gov’t must reply to report claiming ‘chaos’ in recording of Covid cases

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance on Sunday demanded answers from the health and digital governance ministry over “serious problems in monitoring, identifying and assessing the data” recording cases of Covid-19 reported by the newspaper “Documento”, noting that “they can no longer remain silent”.

In an announcement, SYRIZA said they “were obliged to give an immediate reply because 10 months after the start of the lethal pandemic they have not done the entirely self-evident, which is to ensure that the body directly responsible, from which dozens of scientists throughout the country get their information, is given reliable figures.”

The main opposition cited the newspaper’s report, which claimed that the mechanisms for recording cases at the health ministry “were in chaos”, at a time when Covid-19 cases and patients in ICUs were skyrocketing.

“The government has still not managed to put together a reliable system of recording cases, with the result that different figures are entered each day by the National Register of Covid-19 patients at IDIKA and other figures announced by the National Public Health Organisation every day,” the party added.

A health ministry document last Thursday asking the relevant services to supply the figures for the tests they have carried out was a “glaring admission of the chaos and lack of organisation that prevails,” it concluded.