Syriza: Gov’t must vaccinate vulnerable groups first, instead of asking for volunteers online

The government should ensure that all citizens can get prescriptions for the expected coronavirus tests and are reimbursed for the cost, instead of relying on self-applying for it online, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance said on Sunday, ahead of the first consignment of the vaccines expected on December 26.

Preventative tests should be targeted to groups that are highly vulnerable to the infection, Syriza added in a statement, “so that specialists finally get to know all the data instead of being forced to make blind recommendations for handling the pandemic.”

The main opposition party criticized the government for “preparing to submit citizens to an online lottery process, by applying for it in order to be included to the first 12,000 to be vaccinated.” This method will distort the picture of the virus’ distribution in society, since it will exclude all high-risk groups: older people, Roma communities, the homeless, refugees and others, it said.

“With 3,500 deaths in 1.5 months, the pandemic out of of control and the National Health System collapsing, we don’t understand what has to happen before the government does the obvious,” which is what the committee of experts at the Health ministry has been advising from the start, Syriza said.