SYRIZA: Gov’t sees pandemic as an opportunity to engage in suppression

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, in an announcement on Tuesday, noted that “the self-evident observance of protection measures and avoidance of overcrowding cannot serve as a government pretext for arbitrary and anti democratic decisions.”

SYRIZA accused the government of treating the pandemic not as an issue of public health but as an opportunity to engage in suppression and “for continuing with panicked moves to lie and hide behind the [committee of health experts] at the same time that it refuses to take the obvious measures for tackling the pandemic”.

According to the party, such measures included action to make public transport safer and less crowded, ensuring compliance with protection measures in workplaces, which account for the majority of new cases according to the International Medical Association president, and real support for the public health system, with the hiring of doctors instead of special police guards. It also called for measures to economically support workers and businesses.

“As long as Mitsotakis refuses to make the minutes of the scientists’ committee public, he confirms that he is making decisions in their absence,” the main opposition party said.