SYRIZA leader Tsipras criticizes gov’t for changes in criminal, penal codes

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras criticized the government on Tuesday over “its great concern to change the penal codes,” only to end up dealing with the issue of fire bombs, at an interview to Open TV.

He also criticized the government’s amendments to the criminal and penal codes for catering to “bankers and white-collar criminals whose assets have been seized.”

Commenting on reactions to his presence at the march on Sunday to commemorate the student uprising at the Polytechnic in 1973, he said “there was no tension, but a mass, peaceful large rally of a strongly anti-government nature” which he said “bothered a large number of the media and my political adversaries.” He also pointed out that there was a great number of young people participating, which Tsipras said was a reaction to the government’s “interventions in the Economic University of Athens, places where people have fun, and at movie theaters,” referring to recent events where police intervened.

Currently Greece is “experiencing a time whose basic characteristic is the inability of the government to handle critical issues like the refugees, and when (the government) wants to feed an audience caressed during electoral campaign with an extreme dogma of ‘order and security’.”