SYRIZA: Mitsotakis is trying to present a fake image of success in the vaccination programme

With a harsh statement, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance commented on the prime minister’s interview with Star television, stating that “without a trace of substantial self-criticism and having lost all credibility, Mr. Mitsotakis appeared again tonight as an out-of-touch prime minister.”

“At a time when the national health system is collapsing and its employees are complaining that dozens of our fellow citizens are being intubated outside of ICUs, he shockingly stated that there are no citizens who need an ICU and cannot find it,” the party said in response to the interview late on Wednesday.

It also accused the prime minister of “trying with falsehoods, once again, to present a fake image of success in the vaccination programme, stating that 2.0 million citizens have been vaccinated when he knows full well that there are only 704,000 fully vaccinated with both doses. As for the mess caused by his policy, which endangers the health of citizens and destroys the economy, as usual ‘others are to blame’. From citizens to scientists and the media. For him, the only problem is communication.”

“Once again he proved how incapable he is of managing the double crisis that has hit the country and therefore how dangerous he is. For the citizens, the responsibility for the current impasse has a name: Mitsotakis.”