Syriza MP: Gov’t health policies at popular tourist destinations are ineffective

Local lockdowns in the midst of the tourist season are imposed and revoked without facts and planning, therefore they become ineffective, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MP Katerina Notopoulou said on Saturday.

Notopoulou, responsible for tourism at the main opposition party, charged that “Zakynthos island is a prime example of the frivolity with which the government manages tourism and local communities.” She said that a day after measures were announced based on infections data, they were revoked shortly after because they were reevaluated.

At the same time, “Greece and popular destinations are ‘going red’ one after the other” in infections, she stressed, and the government has left them unprotected “without building up the National Health System and the local health units, there were no targeted tests, vaccination did not go forward, and now dozens of areas are under the threat of a lockdown.”