SYRIZA MPs call on gov’t to stop ‘half measures’ and really support economy and jobs

SYRIZA deputies Effie Achtsioglou, Euclid Tsakalotos and Nikos Pappas on Monday called on the government to stop presenting “half measures” and to draw up a plan for real support to workers, enterprises and the economy.

In a joint announcement on Monday entitled “the torment of the weekly announcement of additional but insufficient measures,” they noted that the measures were welcomed at first but people were slowly coming to understand that they are not sufficient to cover their needs, so that their disappointment and insecurity increased, expectations did not improve, jobs were lost and consumption collapsed. The economy is entering a deep recession.”

SYRIZA’s heads for labour, economic and financial issues called on the government to proceed with the payment of salaries and the Easter bonus, lift the suspension of collective labour agreements and legislate for complete ban of lay-offs. It also urged an extension of protection for primary residences, benefits for low incomes and a guarantee programme for all enterprises, instead of the totally insufficient 1 billion euros, and to stop deceiving the self-employed.

They SYRIZA officials underlined that the government has no excuse for not proceeding with the above measures as the stability pact has been suspended and expenses to address the coronavirus do not count toward the country’s fiscal targets, while there is also a cash buffer bequeathed by the previous government.

“New Democracy’s refusal to really support workers, enterprises and the economy with a large-scale programme, as other European countries have done, is clearly an issue of political will,” they said.