Syriza MPs question gov’t on reports of newly arrived Kurdish refugees on Kythira island

Four SYRIZA deputies, head of party departments, questioned the government on Wednesday on what they said was the landing of Kurdish refugees on a beach in Kythira island “for the third time in the last few days”.

George Katrougalos (Foreign Affairs), Thodoris Dritsas (Defense), Nektarios Santorinios (Shipping) and Giorgos Psychogios (Migration Policy) said in a joint statement, “Under government orders, Greek police and the Port Authority/Coast Guard are handling this serious issue with unjustified secretiveness, panic, authoritarianism and indifference to national and international legality.”

The MPs said that there is no plan to help migrants with health checks, or feeding them or housing them. While the deputy mayor of Kythira offered a meal, “it is the active residents of Kythira with real solidarity and humanity who are trying to cover the gap with food, blankets and other necessary needs, but are often obstructed by the local authorities, under strict government orders.”

“What exactly is happening on Kythira? Will the government provide responsible and official expalanations, or will it continue to remain silent?” they said, asking whether it plans to embarrass the country internationally by violating international agreements and obligations.