SYRIZA MPs urge Culture minister to form restoration plan for burned Beyazit Mosque

SYRIZA lawmakers from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace asked Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou on Wednesday to implement a plan for the immediate restoration of the Beyazit Mosque in Didimotycho, which was destroyed by a blaze on Tuesday night.

“The fire that broke out last night in Didimotycho brought unspeakable destruction to the Beyazit mosque, a monument of exceptional importance both for our land as for our country’s cultural heritage…It is considered as one of the most important Islamic monuments in Europe and is cited as the largest in area in the Balkans,” the MPs said, noting the economic and social benefits from the utilization of such a monument are crucial for the region and a request of the entire local community.

The group of MPs welcomed the restoration work done until the fire broke out but urged the minister to form a new plan to address the damages.